Well, this is my personal web site. So, here are some of my recent public appearances. I have the coolest friends.

**1/27/2023 (My) baker Bruno Tse rolls out popular café for mochi croissants

Every Saturday morning I go to Rolling Out Cafe to enjoy Bruno the baker and his incredible chocolate croissants. The local ABC affiliate did a feature story about his bakery and I play a bit part.

** 10/12/2022 Meaningful Play keynote

I was invited to deliver the opening keynote address to the October 2022 Meaningful Play conference: The Game of Life: Meaningful Play Edition by Carrie Heeter, PhD, RYS-200.

Playing the game of life in academia takes about five decades. Play ends at retirement, and the player who has experienced the most personally meaningful career wins. Carrie’s half century in academia included pioneering contributions to Interactivity, presence, virtual reality, online learning, user experience design, serious games, and gender and games. In this talk she will share perspectives that may inspire your personal milestones, challenges, and win states as you strategize your own game of life in our domain of constant, accelerating change.

** ongoing Doing Differently podcasts

My friend, meditation mentor, and teacher Dr. Marcel Allbritton interviewed me for two of his Doing Differently podcasts

Quoting his website, Marcel Allbritton, PhD, C-IAYT, is a Clinical Yoga Therapist who also mentors students in the study and practice of Yoga.

He has been mentored by Chase Bossart of Yoga Well Institute since 2005.

The foundation of Marcel’s work is helping individuals and organizations apply, practice, and integrate principles of healing.

Before he discovered Yoga, Marcel received a PhD in Organization Development. Marcel brings his work in healing and Yoga and his expertise in organizational development together to create Core Resonance Works (www.coreresonanceworks.com). Core Resonance helps individuals and organizations work from and with their core alignment.

Marcel has a podcast called Doing Differently about healing and transformation (www.doingdifferently.com).

** 11/1/2022 Doing Differently podcast Episode 10


“I needed to let go of the formal voice and do things differently.”
– Carrie Heeter

** 4/4/2022 Doing Differently podcast Episode 3


“I don’t really want to do anything now without it being clear or conscious or aware of myself; I’m choosing to try to spend my life and time that way.”
― Carrie Heeter

** 1/6/2022 SPARTIE-CAST podcast Space Yogi Extraordinaire

My friend, colleague, and wild wonderful virtual reality Professor Dr. Robby Ratan titled our SPARTIE-CAST podcast episode Space Yogi Extraordinaire, Master of Meta-tation, Dr. Carrie Heeter.

Quoting Robby’s website, Rabindra (Robby) Ratan (PhD, University of Southern California; MA/BA, Stanford University) is Associate Professor Director of the SPARTIE Lab at Michigan State University (CV). He has received over $2M in research grant funding and published over 60 peer-reviewed articles from his ~2 decades of psychological and social research on avatars, agents/AI, virtual reality, online games, and virtual worlds—the bedrock technologies of the metaverse. Dr. Ratan has received multiple teaching awards and teaches his remote classes using virtual reality platforms. He also engages in public outreach as an expert interviewee (e.g., for Marketplace on NPR, the Washington Post, the Canadian Broadcasting Company) and op-ed author (e.g., for TheConversation.comWired), and serves as an expert consultant and invited speaker on issues of the metaverse and future media technology. 

** 12/13/2021 ComArtsSci Talk – Innovations in the gaming industry

Take a behind-the-scenes look as Spartan alumni discuss innovations across disciplines within the Gaming Industry. Moderated by Andrew Dennis, Professor, Michigan State University.  

  • Eric Argel – BA ’01 Telecommunication 
    Senior Product Designer, PlayStation 
  • Dr. Carrie Heeter – BA ’74 Communication & Ph.D ‘86 Mass Media 
    Professor, Michigan State University    
  • Brian Murray – BA ‘06 Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media 
    Creative Director, Electronic Arts 

** 3/2021 Small Things Brought Together video podcast – Game and meditation design

My incredible artist and yoga meditation co-conspirator friend Robyn Love interviewed me about games and meditation design on her Small Things Brought Together video podcast (OMG, my covid hair)

Quoting her website, Robyn’s work treads the line between humorous and horrifying, reverent and irreverent, as a way of pointing to historic and current injustices especially related to the experiences of femmes/women. She uses laughter and play as an entry point for difficult conversations.