Carrie Heeter, Ph.D., RYS 200
Meditation teacher, writer, and scientist
Director of Yoga Mind Tools

Professor Emeritus of Media and Information, Michigan State University
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I’m Carrie Heeter, a meditation teacher, writer, and scientist and Professor Emeritus of Media and Information at Michigan State University. My experiences and deep fascination with meditation stem from the Viniyoga lineage of Mr. TKV Desikachar shared with me by my teachers—Marcel Allbritton and Chase Bossart. In 1984 I wrote my dissertation about interactivity. Meditation is the ultimate interactive experience—the person doing a meditation co-creates their experience. How do we as teachers set the stage for meaningful meditations? How do we as meditators allow our experiences to arise?

During my academic career I designed and directed development of more than 50 interactive experiences including meditations, games, online learning systems, virtual reality, and patient empowerment software. My many awards include Discover Magazine’s Software Innovation of the Year and Meaningful Play’s Most Innovative Game. I published more than 100 scholarly books, chapters, articles, and proceedings about meditation, individual and social impacts of interactive technology, virtual reality, and serious games.

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