Throughout her life Carrie Heeter has ferociously followed her passions for learning new things and creating experiences that matter.

Carrie Heeter, Ph.D., RYS 200
Meditation Designer
Director of Yoga Mind Tools
Retired Professor of Media and Information, Michigan State University
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She designed and directed development of more than 50 interactive experiences including meditations, games, online learning systems, virtual reality, and patient empowerment software. Her many awards include Discover Magazine’s Software Innovation of the Year and Meaningful Play’s Most Innovative Game. She has published more than 100 scholarly books, chapters, articles, and proceedings about meditation, individual and social impacts of interactive technology, virtual reality, and serious games.

Ten years ago Carrie encountered life-changing hints of the wonders of yoga and meditation. She aligned her professional and personal life toward learning more and digging deeper.

What could be more awesome than designing transformational meditation experiences that are unique to each person, using the technology of their human system—their mind and body?

She recently retired from a long career as professor of Media and Information at Michigan State University to be able to devote more time to her work with meditation.

She begins this new phase of her journey by writing An Inside Look at Meditation: Experiences for healing, support, and transformation.

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